was born in late 2015, the sonic brainchild of photographer/visual artist Jeff Fribourg, who began his love affair with synths as a founding member of Froth. Bedroom recordings quickly gave way to a live band and a recording of "Fear," which was released as a single by Mono Records and featured in Volcom's skate video "Holy Stokes." Inspired by the darker sounds from proto-goth bands like Bauhaus and Christian Death, also takes elements of post-punk, shoegaze and even neo-folk (à la Death In June) and brings them together in a modern light. 

Debut full-length album mixed and mastered by Mikey Young of Total Control out 2018 live consists of:

Jeff Fribourg • Laena Geronimo (Feels) • Nick Ventura (Froth, Hott MT)                 Cameron Allen (Froth)  • Kaz Mirblouk




JAMES SAKERT - IG:@lloyd_mongo


BLISS MAGAZINE "When the world collapses and we are thrown into a post apocalyptic state where we are forced to compete on Running Man, will be the soundtrack. Until then, they will spur your mood swings and haunt your dance floor."

LA RECORD ",  a new project of former Froth member Jeff Fribourg. If you haven’t seen them, do yourself a favor and go. They play moody, dark and melodic electronic tunes. While much of the bass and guitar work was musically minimal, it all meshed enticingly well. They combined hooks with chorus and reverb drenched guitars that created a soaring atmosphere. Singer Fribourg’s vocals come out unexpectedly in a deep, baritone sultriness."


Stage plot for January 2018

Stage plot for January 2018